Our blog is a non-profit institution that strives to help the community in general.

Our operating expenses are, however, catered by our sponsors, who, in the same page with us, want to help the community in ways we, Pharma Natural, is able to bridge.

Green Forths

Green Forths is a house cleaning company that specializes in house cleaning services in the South East England Area. They separate themselves from other cleaning companies as they only use organic cleaning materials. They are supporting Pharma Natural because they want to make a change in this world, bit by bit.


ITHype is an IT firm doing computer and other IT services for companies around South England. The company believes that the world may be modern, but our ways should be nature-favoring. Their contribution to Pharma Natural has enabled the blog to run smoothly over the internet.

Courage Twins

Courage Twins is a local marketing company with establishments in both the retail and services industry. Courage Twins plays a huge role in waste disposal through non-governmental organizations. Their support for Pharma Natural is another big step for them in making this world a better place.